two elephants

dog bowl - ergo

800.000 IDR
color: matte sandy black

hand-thrown dog bowl.
handmade in bali - indonesia.

dia. 18 cm x h 6,5 cm

porcelain mixed lava sand. food-grade glaze and dishwasher safe.

oxidation. which is the most common type of firing. in this process, the kiln has adequate oxygent to interact with the glazes and clay body during the firing. our product is glaze-fired until 1280 degree celcius.

24k gold lustre:
the 24k gold lustre is specifically made for ceramic coating. very dilute amounts of powdered gold were dissolved in aqua regia, and a mixture of turpentine, flowers of sulfur, and linseed oil for gold. the mixture was applied to the glazed ware and fired in an enameling kiln, depositing a thin film of gold. this final (3rd time) firing is until 800 degree celcius.

we securely wrap the ceramic, putting it inside the carton box, and fill the void with shredded paper. then that carton box will be put inside the second carton box, and fill the gap with shredded paper.

our ceramic wares are carefully handcrafted in bali, indonesia.
using food-grade glaze and they are dishwasher safe.

the 24k gold lustre decor on the rim are made by hand,
therefore the thickness of the gold lustre may differ. 
the gold finishing is dishwasher safe, it is important not to use too aggressive detergents, normally those used by private individuals have never created problems. on the other hand, the items should not undergo excessive rubbing if washed by hand.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Simply Gorgeous Dog bowls

Love these ergo bowls! Have 1 in each colour. Nice and heavy so they can’t be tipped, wash up like a dream. They are like a piece of art!

Gold Ergo bowl

A beautifully made ceramic piece. We absolutely love it!


simple, elegant, perfect size for my dog's bowl.

The perfect food bowl

The right size! The golden rim is to die for! Love the little fold inwards for ease of handling the bowl. Thumbs up!

Amazing Bowl - Gorgeous and Well Made

We use this bowl every night for our pup’s dinner! It’s gorgeous - the colors are absolutely stunning and it goes really well with our apartment. It’s also super sturdy and well-made, and very easy to wash! I also love that I don’t have to worry about it rusting!

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