two elephants

dog harness

280.000 IDR

handcrafted in bali, indonesia.

the signature harness comes in 2 parts: name strap and body strap. which can be purchase individually.
name strap is the one with your dog's name on it. (our collar name strap can be used as harness as well).
body strap is the one with colors and different sizes.

making our signature harness interchangeable. mix & match with your outfit / mood, or simply when your dog has outgrown the current size, you can order just the body strap in a bigger size.

- leather collection is made from vegetable tanned cowhide leather. optional finish of splash proof for leather is to give extra time to wipe dry the leather when in contact with splash water. not to be used for swimming.
- explorer collection is made from pvc coated webbing. perfect for outdoor activities, easy to clean, and odor-free.



please measure your dog's body girth and chest in centimetres.
body girth (A): the biggest part of your dog's body, right behind front legs.
chest (B): from below neck, to the back (same point on the back as when measuring the girth).
for graphic, please refer to the image on the harness sizing guide tab.

then add these 2 numbers (A+B). and that's your dog's harness size.


actual color may vary. this is due to the fact that we hand-painted every each of the leather, and different screen projection.


all items are pre-order and your order will be placed on weekly batch, the batch dates are stated on top of the page (green banner).

harness size guide
required measurements:
A. girth, the biggest part of your dog's body, right behind the front legs
B. chest, from below the neck to the back (same point on the back as when measuring the girth)

dog harness in leather collection:

size size range ( A+B ) width
h1 62 - 76 cm / 24⅜  - 29⅞" 1,8 cm / ¾"
h2 73 - 87 cm / 28¾ - 34¼" 1,8 cm / ¾"
h3 85 - 99 cm / 33½ - 39" 1,8 cm / ¾"
h4 100 - 120 cm / 39⅜ - 47¼" 2,4 cm / 1"
h5 116 - 136 cm / 45⅝  - 53½" 2,4 cm / 1"
size range is the comfortable measurement, not too tight
note: please double check the width size.
small name strap can be used with h1 - h3 harness body straps.
big name strap can be used with h4 - h5 harness body straps.
dog harness in explorer collection:
size size range ( A+B ) width
62 - 76 cm / 24⅜  - 29⅞"
2 cm / ¾"
73 - 87 cm / 28¾ - 34¼"
2 cm / ¾"
85 - 99 cm / 33½ - 39"
2 cm / ¾"
h4 100 - 120 cm / 39⅜ - 47¼"
2 cm / ¾"
h5 116 - 136 cm / 45⅔  - 53½"
2 cm / ¾"
size range is the comfortable measurement, not too tight

leather is a natural material.
ocassionally it will age and gain patina look acoording to it's user's habits.
small scars, creases, and variations in color are not considered defects, but unique.

care instructions:

- wet:
wipe with dry cloth then air-dry. do not apply heat in any form.

- stain:
remove stain as soon as you notice them. use our leather cleaner to wipe away the stain. rub with moderate pressure. using too much force may discolor the leather. avoid using alcolol, turpentine, or other mineral spirit to clean our leather goods.

- dry:
it usually happens after the leather made contact with water. use our leather conditioner to moisturize the leather.

- storage:
keep in dry and clean storage, ideally in the dust bag that came with the goods.

processing time: the time from the order is placed until it is ready-to-ship. please see the dates on the top of the page for your reference. your order will be on that production batch.
shipping time: the time from our address to your address.


our shipping fee is divided into 4 spending tiers:
1. spend 0 - 1.500.000 IDR: normal shipping fee
2. spend 1.500.001 - 2.500.000 IDR: cheaper shipping fee
3. spend 2.500.001 - 3.500.000 IDR: most affordable shipping fee
4. spend 3.500.001 IDR and above: free standard shipping fee

and the shipping service is divided into 3 tiers:
1. standard: 15 - 28 days
2. standard + tracking:  11 - 14 days
3. express + tracking:  7 - 10 days

still have questions?
we're more than happy to assist you.

you can reach us by email to:


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lesley (Makati City, Philippines)
Fab design and so comfy

Walkies are so much better with these colourful harnesses. The ergonomic shape fits our doxie and doxiepoo well and allows them breathable space in our hot and humid weather. They love these harnesses so much. We can’t wait to collect more colours.

Reviewer avatar
Chewie & Benji (Central, Hong Kong)

I ordered a set of harness and leash splash proof with my baby’s name and initial and they are so details and the leather is perfect.

can’t wait to order new colors.

Lesley (Makati City, Philippines)
Essentials for pooches everywhere

Been fascinated with the streamlined design and juicy colours of Two Elephants since discovering it on our social media feed, and it did not disappoint. We (as in pawrents and fur babies) are in love with the ease and functionality of the harnesses and the dual leash. The eco-packaging is gorgeous too. Each time we go for a walk, we get curious questions about their harness sets. The dogs look so proud wearing them too. The process of ordering, discussing their individual sizes and customisation were a breeze, thanks to the fantastic customer service. We seriously can't wait to collect more colours to add to our collection.

Lok Man Poon (Central, Hong Kong)
Love the harness!

The moss colour leather is just beautiful!

Soradomo (Kampong Punggol, Singapore)
Beautifully crafted harness

Another great product by Two Elephants. The leather might feel stiff at first but it actually fits Sora nicely and she was wearing it comfortably the whole time. It's so beautiful, making it the perfect harness for any occassion!

Ezann Kuek (Singapore, Singapore)

Beautifully made. Ingenious. Only harness Jeeves will wear. Multitudes of colours to choose from.

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