best dogs deserve best accessories 

we are a team of two: me and pugo. I do most of the work and pugo plays the music (read: snore). we believe in our two fundamentals of two elephants, which are passionate and human-touch. alongside with elephant traits: reliability, longetivity, endurance, and confidence. 
two elephants is inspired by my family dog - pugo. he deserves something personalized, handcrafted, and out-of-this-world accessories to compliment his handsomeness. with small experience in leatherwork, I brainstormed and crafted our first ever product in end of 2017.

it was very much loved by family and friends and I decided to sell them starting early 2018. at first, the quality was different from now, but with a lot of practice, I upgrade here and there making it as beautiful as it is now.
we call it two elephants' signature dog collar. which we already patented. using two buckles - making it interchangeable in size and color, giving tons of options for buyer to choose more than one color without buying a whole new collar.

as the business grow, I expand my product range which you can see them all here

we are originally from bali, indonesia. in august 2022, we moved to tangerang, indonesia. we're still home-based but now offers private showing at what-we-call our savanna. in addition to that, we also ship worldwide!

if you think your dog deserves the best. you're in the right place!