best dogs deserve best accessories 

while many companies boast about their 'dream teams', two elephants takes a slightly different approach, we're a dynamic duo: myslef, and pugo (the undisputed champion of afternoon naps). I handle the day-to-day operations, while pugo provides unwavering canine encouragement (and the occasional, shall we say, "unique" vocal accompaniment).
our journey began with a simple observation: pugo, this incredibly handsome (and, ahem, discerning) pup, who deserves accessories that reflected his unique personality. with a dash of leatherworking knowledge and a healthy dose of determination, I crafted our very first collar in late 2017.
while the first design wasn't exactly perfect, the enthusiastic response from family and friends (and, of course, pugo's unwavering approal) fueled my passion. more than just creating accessories, we discovered our core values, inspired by the mighty elephant: passion and a commitment to the human touch. these values, along with the elephant's renowned reliability, longevity, endurance, and confidence, become the guiding principles for two elephants.

 thus, in early 2018, we embarked on this exciting adventure. we poured our passion for dogs and the human-crafted touch into every product.
fast forward to today, and our signature two-buckle collar (proudly protected by a design patent) is a far cry from those early prototypes. it prioritizes both a perfect fit and customizable style with interchangeable colors - because every pup deserves to express themselves, right?
as our furry following grew (thanks to all the amazing pups out there!), so did our product line. we're a dog lover dedicated to creating top-notch dog accessories with a touch of personality.
so if you're looking for high-quality dog accessories with a story woven with love, a hint of canine influence, and built on the strong foundation of our 'elephantine' values, you've come to the right place!